"Join Our Epic Road Trip & Win a Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner!"

Introducing the Maytronics S300 Robotic Pool Cleaner: The Future of Pool Cleaning is Here!



Are you tired of spending hours manually cleaning your pool, leaving you with less time to enjoy it’s refreshing waters? Say goodbye to traditional pool cleaning methods and say hello to the future of pool maintenance with the revolutionary Maytronics S300 Robotic Pool Cleaner! Made by a company that leads the industry when it comes to pool robotics, this state-of-the-art pool cleaner is sure to change your life.

Our Amazing Adventure: We are on an exciting journey with the Maytronics S300 Pool cleaner. Remember that child in school who had a broken arm, and everyone signed their cast? Well, that’s exactly what’s happening. Our Dolphin and UGC creators are hitting to road to meet the incredible pool people of Gauteng, Durban and Cape Town getting the unit signed by lovely people along the way!

Enter to Win: But that’s not all – you have a chance to win the Maytronics S300 Robotic Pool Cleaner and the signed demo unit! Entering the competition is simple; just visit our website poolpondspa.com and fill out our quick questionnaire. Don’t forget to upload a picture of your current pool as part of the entry process. The more details you provide, the higher your chances of winning!

Free Demo for All Entries: Once entered the competition you will receive a demo of the Maytronics S300 absolutely FREE! Everyone deserves to experience this next level technology pool cleaning. Our friendly Maytronics representatives will come to you and introduce you to a whole new pool-world!

Live Draw Event: Drumroll please! The excitement reaches its peak at our live draw event, which will be broadcasted across our social media channels. This mean that the winner is all in the hands of fate. We can promise our live draw will be fair, giving everyone who entered a chance to win a brand new Maytronics S300 and the signed, South African-loved demo unit.

Let’s get techy: What is a Maytronics S300, Anyway?

A Game-Changer in Pool Maintenance

 The Maytronics S300 Robotic Pool Cleaner is not just your average pool cleaning device. It’s the super car of robotic pool cleaners! Equipped with the latest PowerStream Mobility System, the S300 navigates with precision, ensuring no spot in your pool is left untouched. Whether your pool is small or up to 10 meters in length, the S300 efficiently cleans all surfaces, including the waterline, steps, and walls, making it a comprehensive pool cleaning solution.

Connected Cleaning with MyDolphin Plus™ App: Yes folks, it has an App!

Seamlessly connect your smartphone to the S300, allowing you to schedule cleaning cycles, adjust cleaning modes, and track the cleaner’s progress from the palm of your hand. With multi-directional water jets, the S300 tackles stubborn dirt and debris along the waterline, delivering a thorough cleaning performance every time.

Floating Item
Floating Item

Better Design, Better Experiences

  • Ideal Pool Size: Up to 10m
  • Cleaning Coverage: Floor, walls and waterline
  • Power Supply: Multi-function power supply with cleaning options and programming
  • Brush Type: All-terrain brush
  • Brushing: Dual active brushing for thorough pool cleaning
  • Filter: Top load, multi-layer net filter basket and set of ultra-fine filters
  • Swivel Cable: Helps prevent cable tangles
  • Weight: 7.5kg
  • Cable Length: 18m
  • Warranty: 2 years

Official Rules for the Maytronis S300 Robotic Pool Cleaner Competition

Who Can Enter:

This competition is for South African residents aged 18 and up. Employees of Maytronics, Pool Pond Spa, and their immediate families, as well as the staff of the third-party marketing company managing the event and their families, are not eligible.

How to Enter:

Visit poolpondspa.com and fill out the entry form. Make sure your information, including your name, contact details, and email address, is correct. Also, upload a clear photo of your pool. You’re only allowed one entry – additional ones will lead to disqualification.

When to Enter:

The competition runs from [start date] to [end date]. Remember, all entries must be in by the end date.


The winner will receive a Maytronics S300 Robotic Pool Cleaner and a signed demo unit. These prizes are not exchangeable or redeemable for cash. However, if the S300 isn’t suitable for the winner’s pool, they can use its value as a part-payment for a larger Maytronics M500 or M600 Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner.

Winner Selection:

A random draw of all eligible entries will decide the winner. The draw event will occur live on [date] on Maytronics, Pool Pond Spa, and the marketing company’s social media. The winner will hear from us within 48 hours of the draw. If they don’t respond in seven days, we’ll choose another winner.

Delivery of Prizes:

Maytronics will deliver the pool cleaner to the winner’s South African address. Pool Pond Spa will separately deliver the demo unit.


The winner agrees to participate in promotional activities like interviews, photos, and social media posts.

Your Data:

We’ll only use your personal data for this competition and delivering prizes. We follow data protection laws.


Incomplete, illegible, or late entries may be disqualified. Tampering with the entry process or breaking the rules leads to immediate disqualification.

Changes and Termination:

Maytronics, Pool Pond Spa, and the third-party marketing company can modify, suspend, or end the competition anytime without notice. They’ll make final decisions on disputes about the rules, conduct, results, or other aspects of the competition.

By entering, you agree to these rules and decisions. Good luck

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